Design Apart was created simply to be different. Quickly becoming "Atlanta’s boutique design studio of choice," we aspire to redefine the conventions of visual communication. We are passionate about our work and love nothing more than to impress our friends. We're doing what we've always wanted to do, having a blast doing it, and couldn't imagine doing anything else...From our little corner of Atlanta, we collaborate with a network of designers, photographers and programmers, spinning a web of creativity that we hope is nothing shy of poetic.

We are curious. We are inspired. We have something to say and we are going to say it.

We are Design Apart Studio.

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||  Our Friends  ||


We wouldn’t be what we are without surrounding ourselves with these amazing people. They share ideas with us, they inspire us to create, and we are better because of them!

WonderRoot [ Uniting artists and community to inspire positive social change ]
Jeff Wolk Photography [ A hidden gem ]
Witt Wisebram [ where there’s a Will there’s a way ]
The Wild [ music that makes friends! ]
Intermix Design [ there’s a little DANIMAL in us all... ]
BrandVenture [ MARKeting genius ]
Identity Crisis [ talk about loyalists to the orange and white ]
Ectonym Design Studio [ great design/better people ]
Lucy Grady Inman [ the GOOSE ]
Eye Design [ love the accent ]
Code18 Interactive Design [ they make things work! ]
Blaine Watson [ are you kidding me! ]
The Swap Watch [ it's the Rambo of watches! ]
The 1st Annual Last Party Ever [ just a real good time! ]