Design Apart is a creators studio and has a reputation for delivering intelligent graphic design with innovative vision. In 2003 we started creating art for our friends, and quickly a few friends became a lot of friends. Our formula to designing is simple. We find a voice and make it scream (even if it’s softly). While graphic design is our pilot, we are inspired by architecture, music, food, haikus, benevolence and even football. We create work that our friends are proud to support and at the end of the day we love doing what we do.

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||  Print Design  ||

GreenJar HOME print collateral Ontologic print ad Johns Creek Pharmacy Wood Creek Partners business card Larsen / Rice wedding invites Shock H2O poster Atlanta BeltLine Mutual Investments business card Sam Flax print ad Appleton + Assoc. WonderRoot 2yr LaPier / Spivak save the date hang tag WR Invitation Business card for custom jewelery packaging Shock H20 Identity Yoga studio business card print collateral indoor signage outdoor signage Bellon Firm Identity South by Southwest promo poster promo poster apparel design call to action promo poster album art product design book jacket design indoor signage indoor signage Identity for The Windsor Prem Pediatrics Identity door hanger Business card design print collateral indoor signage Direct mail collateral Direct mail collateral Album art demo cd art print collateral print collateral indoor signage Billboard campaign Direct mail print collateral apparel design apparel design business card design album art promo poster apparel design Album art Album art fineart poster fineart poster apparel design promo poster print collateral print collateral

||  Logo Design  ||

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||  Web Design  ||

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||  Photography  ||

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||  Selected Works  ||

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