New Posters

These Lyric Discography Posters are passionately designed for the bands we love, and for those who love them. Music is vital to the fabric of our culture and it is our responsibility to promote the musicians that make this art available to us.

Each poster contains the entire catalog of music that was released by the artist. Some posters also contain rarities and b-sides. For those who are skeptical about the legibility of these posters, rest assured that they are! Most are designed with 5pt type (novels use 10pt type.) So while they are really small, the readability is not compromised.

We hope you enjoy these posters as much as we do, and if there is a musician who’s work you’d like to see become a Lyric Discography Poster, just drop us a line!

||  Lyric Discography Poster Collection  ||

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